History of Magic Wand

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2in1 Magic Wand

Did you know that the Magic wand was originally sold as a body massager? Yes that's true! Who can imagine that a product intended for relaxation, could also deliver orgasms?


Originally, the first was the Hitachi Magic Wand. This was popular in the US market in the 70s. However, thanks to a sex therapist, Betty Dodson, this magic wand became the ultimate symbol of a sex toy.


Betty Dodson used the magic wand to cure a condition known as chronic anorgasm. It is a condition whereby women find it hard to reach orgasm during sex. This is the wikipedia link for your reference.


In fact, many JAV(Japanese Adult Videos) scenes feature this pink magic wand. 

This sex toy is very versatile as it can be used to relax the stiff shoulders first during foreplay, tempt the nipples and then hit the clitoris of the woman.

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