Earn With Us

Would you wish to recommend sex toys, lingerie, condoms and solutions for better sex to your friends/sex partners/colleagues?...And get PAID doing that?

Now you can!


We have a coupon which you could use to get 20% off the total bill. Hence with the items that you ordered for your customer, you can mark up 25% to match up to our price, or you could mark up higher than us 25-100% higher to match up with the regular sex shops aka our greedy competitors!


We hope that you do not mark up LESS than the 25%, otherwise we will be fighting each other based on price. And you will be earning less.


To apply for this coupon code, would-be resellers will have to spend a min. of S$1000 and above worth of products in one receipt at first. The 20% discount is automatically deducted. So if you order exactly S$1,000, you pay only S$800. 


You will get your package as per normal.  


Then we will email the coupon code to be used for a lifetime with no expiry.

There is no min. order $ value for the next subsequent orders. 

The add to cart system automatically deducts the discount. 


The package can be sent to your address, or straight to your buyers' address (up to you, the reseller).


We would email the tracking code to the reseller about the package in both cases.And if we deliver direct to end buyer's address, we would not show any information to the end buyer in order to protect you as the reseller.




If you already have the coupon code, and you are ordering more than S$1000 in one receipt, please do not use the coupon code. The system will discount the 20% automatically already.

Our Location
We are strictly online only and so we are not under pressure to chase Singapore commercial rent (min. $3000/month)
We pass this savings to you:) 

We are the cheapest, and we prove it!

Feel free to email me: DiscreetlyShop@yahoo.com

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We accept Paypal, master card, visa, paypal and cash for your purchase of sex toys singapore

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Top: Singpost and Taqbin receipts from past orders. We will ALWAYS deliver
Top: Singpost and Taqbin receipts from past orders. We will ALWAYS deliver
sex toys and condoms singapore
All packages are wrapped discreetly in brown envelopes or the standard Taqbin packages. No mention of "sex" or "adult" is stated