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Frequently Asked Questions to Discreetly Sex Toys Shop

1. Can I order and NOT use my REAL name?

Of course you can. You can use aliases if privacy is very important to you. Whether or not you use your real name, we treat your privacy with utmost respect and reverence.


2. Are your prices the cheapest in Singapore? If so, why? Why is your Durex condoms cheap? Original or not?

Yes. Because we exist online only. Because we are not greedy. Because we want you to be happy. 


Normal physical store will have to cover recurring costs of min. $3000/month. Also goods might be stolen and they have to cover these costs. 

Since we do not have a physical store, we do not have to pay rent. All our goods are never stolen and we do not have to cover these costs.


And yes, the Durex is original.


3. Can you deliver if I want it outside Singapore? How much and how long?

Yes we can. Singapore is the world's hub for trade luckily
Delivery will take about 7-10 days.
Delivery is free for purchases above


4. How do I get updates on your new products? By Facebook?

Some of our clients create false accounts for fear that if they like us, their friends will see that they have clicked like on a sex shop. And so our clients create another FB account, and another email account to safeguard their privacy, yet get in touch with us.


5. Could you please not use your logo when delivering the goods?

Yes, we would never place our logo anywhere in the envelope. Discreet packaging.


6. Does sex toys really help to have Great Sex?

A normal sex toys shop will say Yes to that question.

We will be honest with you. Yes and No. 

Sex toys enhances the experience if only both parties are open to the idea. But for some, sex toys represent negative emotion and so, it will not help at all.

The most important formula in our own experience is trust, communication, relaxation and variety. For more info, visit the Sex tips Blog


7. Why do you offer free and registered mail delivery?

There has been instances where the package gets lost using Singpost normal mail. Perhaps you might have experienced similar instances. 
We do not want to disappoint our customer in any way. 

It is our belief that we should only offer products and services that we would buy them ourselves and not just for the sake of earning money. 


8. How can you make sure that I will get the product after I check out?

We do not risk our reputation in non-delivery. We treat every order seriously with care.

We provide registered mail so that our customers have no risk of loss. 

Normal mail cost $2.50 less but we experience instances where we lost our goods.

Also with registered mail, you can track your items.

If you still do not receive what you have bought, do contact us.


9. What do your customers say about you and your services?

Humbly we tried our very best to serve our customers.

All of them are very much satisfied.

You can view the testimonials at our Testimonial Page.


10. What if I am not at home when the postman comes?

Don't worry. As we send via Registered Mail, your package will not be lost and is trackable at
You will be given a slip from your postman at the doorstep. You can then pick up your package at the post office stated on the slip. Or you can find out which branch by tracking at


11. I have credit card but no paypal. How to pay then?

Just choose Pay by Paypal option. Paypal does not require you to register an account with them. This is their new policy.

Otherwise you can always do a bank transfer to POSB savings no. 207660582 and email us about your transfer.


12. How do I go about ordering?

It is really simple, really. Just use the Add to Bag function and follow the instructions. Please click our How to Buy for more info.
If you are tourist, or living outside of Singapore, click on For Tourist guide. 


13. My relationship is getting rough. Do you think sex toy or lingerie would entice my husband and make it better?

For Lingerie, 99.99% confirmed. The 0.01% is left to the possibility that the husband is homosexual and is not interested in women at all.

For sex toy, please communicate with your husband first. Some men feel offended and invalidated. It might send a wrong message to them that they have not served you well. But most men will willingly experiment with sex toys.


14. I opted the self-collection option and you gave me the tracking code. I checked but it is not in Takashimaya yet. Is it there yet?

Taqbin is excellent in delivering parcels on time. They are the premium private courier in Singapore.
However their tracking system is a little bit slow with about 4-6hours lag. Their call center is also not up to date.
If you order and pay before 9am, it would be ready by 4pm (although the website or call center says otherwise). If you order and pay before 9am, expect it to be there by 12noon the next day.
We have many dealings with Taqbin and we are pleased with their service on the ground. They could improve the call center and tracking system.


15. I live in Thailand but I want to have it shipped to Singapore. I tried using my Thai credit card but the payment failed. Why and How to solve?

Because: Paypal has safety feature that blocks payment made in Thailand but Ship to Singapore (or another country).

How: Please fill in your local Thai credit card address in the address and country field. Then fill in the Singapore address (or where you really wanted it to be shipped) in the "Order Comments". Please click here for more details. How Paypal Block?


16. Can I meet you and pay cash on delivery?

 Sorry, we don't do cash on delivery. It is time consuming and we could not afford the manpower associated with delivery since we are operating under very thin margin.

Hence we outsource the delivery/self-collection portion of the business to Singpost and Taqbin.

By doing it this way, we are able to provide sex toys, condoms and lingerie at high quality but at the lowest prices in Singapore and the world. And that is our mission: To be the global sex shop.


17. Can I visit your warehouse to see the items and buy on the spot?

Sorry we exist online only to keep costs down and to povide sex toys, condoms and lingerie at high quality but at the lowest prices in Singapore and the world. 

The savings we get from not having to pay commercial rent and manpower is passed to you!

We honor every transactions and will deliver the items without fail.


18. What if I receive a defect from you, will you exchange?

We prevent defects from getting shipped by testing each and every product before sending to you. However on very rare occasion, customers find that they have a defect.


So we need you to video and email to us how you switch on the toy. Very often, it is usually the methods of switching on the buttons that were wrong. Some toys just have unique ways to activate them. The video helps us to see if the product is switched on properly or if it is truly a defect.


Once we could see that it is a defect, we will send you another one in good working condition. You can keep the defective product or discard it. No exchange is required.



Our Location
We are strictly online only and so we are not under pressure to chase Singapore commercial rent (min. $3000/month)
We pass this savings to you:) 

We are the cheapest, and we prove it!

Feel free to email me:

sex toys singapore
We accept Paypal, master card, visa, paypal and cash for your purchase of sex toys singapore

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Top: Singpost and Taqbin receipts from past orders. We will ALWAYS deliver
Top: Singpost and Taqbin receipts from past orders. We will ALWAYS deliver
sex toys and condoms singapore
All packages are wrapped discreetly in brown envelopes or the standard Taqbin packages. No mention of "sex" or "adult" is stated