For International Orders

In Summary:

1. You place an order, check-out and make payment.
2. Your order is then sent to you via Singapore Post (2a), Taqbin (2b) or for tourists and overseas buyers, left with the hotel front desk (2c). 
3. You will be informed of the tracking code for your order.
4. Singapore Post makes delivery (local and international) (4a), Taqbin makes delivery (4b), you self-collect at Taqbin service centres (4c) or you pick it up from your hotel front desk (4d). 

Here is a more detailed steps:


1. First you click the green "Add to Bag" buttons for any sex toys that you fancy. You can add as many as you like. 


2. Click "Continue Shopping" when you still want more.
Or Click "Go to Checkout" when you are finished with your shopping. You can delete the sex toys/lingerie that you do not want, change the quantity you want to purchase.


3. Fill up your name and Address.

Please provide your name and address.

If you are paying by credit card via paypal, please fill in your paypal country address.

Paypal has a safety feature that blocks a diffrent country ship to address from the origin Paypal country.


You can email us or fill in the desired ship to address at the "order comments" field later.


4. Choose between:
Tourist collect from Receptionist:
 Delivers to your hotel receptionist.
Payment received before 9am will be delivered on the same day.
Payment received after 9am will be delivered the next day.

Receptionist will keep your package for you.


Tourist self collect from Takashimaya: Collect at Ta-Q-Bin at Takashimaya Basement 2 (B2). Tracking code will be emailed to you after your purchase. Use the code to claim for your package.

Payment received before 9am will be ready for collection on the same day after 5pm.
Payment received after 9am will be ready for collection on the next day after 5pm.


Free Shipping to other countries: Delivers to your address and we will give you the tracking code once we post the package. Shipping is $8 for orders below $29, $5 for orders of $29-$59, and Free for above $59.



5. Choose your payment options
A. Credit Card via Paypal: Even if you do not have a paypal account, you can use your credit card to pay. Paypal accepts major credit cards such as VISA, MASTERCARD and AMEX.


B.POSB/DBS Bank Transfer: Ignore this option if you do not have a Singapore bank account.


C.UOB Bank Transfer: Ignore this option if you do not have a Singapore bank account.


D. Maybank Ringgit Bank Transfer: If you are Malaysian and cannot pay via paypal, please choose this option. Please multiply the exchange rate as S$1=MYR2.60. Then do a bank transfer to Maybank: 5010-1164-0233.


E. BCA Rupiah Bank Transfer: If you are Indonesian and prefer to pay in Rupiah, please choose this option. Please multiply the exchange rate as S$1=Rp.10,000. Then do a bank transfer to BCA: 309-134-6379.


F. Leave Cash in envelope with Hotel Receptionist: You can leave cash(S$) inside envelope(available in hotel upon request). Then give the cash envelope with the hotel receptionist. Tell him/her to receive a package of children toys for your niece/nephew in exchange with your envelope. We will deliver and give your package in exchange for your cash envelope. Email us your hotel details and date to deliver.


6. Proceed with payment if you choose options B, C, D, and E. If you choose option A, you are done. If you choose F, then prepare the cash into the envelope.

7. Confirmation Email will be sent to you automatically. 



Easy isn't it?

Then on our side,

1. We will verify your payment


2. Test each item to ensure working condition and Pack the goods in discreet Brown Envelope with No logo. If an item needs batteries, we give and insert the batteries FOR FREE!


3. Send your package as per shipping method indicated

 When you receive your package, it will be ready to use!




Duration of delivery

For Malaysia, it will take 1 week.

Other countries, it will take 1-3 weeks.

For Indonesia and Brunei, please read below.


Concerns on Customs

We will not declare our items as "sex toys" or "adult toys". Commonly we use "health product" or "massager". And we declare below $40 as value.


We could unwrap and remove the packaging if you request.


We have never failed in posting sex toy to Thailand, Phillipines and Malaysia. No problem for Western countries.


Strict countries: Brunei, Indonesia and Middle East

Brunei: Customs will always open your package. It is best to ship via DHL. Shipping rate is about $40 extra. Please contact us about your purchase first.


Indonesia: Customs will sometimes open your package. It is best to have your friend who travel to Singapore pick up at Takashimaya. And then have it post or handed to you.


Usually we ask our Indonesian friends who travel Singapore-Indonesia often to bring the packages and then send by local courier (Tiki). There might be time lag of 2-4 weeks. Anyway we will always inform you on the status of the package.



Our Location
We are strictly online only and so we are not under pressure to chase Singapore commercial rent (min. $3000/month)
We pass this savings to you:) 

We are the cheapest, and we prove it!

Feel free to email me:

sex toys singapore
We accept Paypal, master card, visa, paypal and cash for your purchase of sex toys singapore

Check your package status with Singpost

Check your self-collection status with Ta-Q-Bin

Top: Singpost and Taqbin receipts from past orders. We will ALWAYS deliver
Top: Singpost and Taqbin receipts from past orders. We will ALWAYS deliver
sex toys and condoms singapore
All packages are wrapped discreetly in brown envelopes or the standard Taqbin packages. No mention of "sex" or "adult" is stated