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The post office sex toys

I like shopping here. I usually order with made-up name and addressed it to my house. When my mother received the package, I told her I would return it to the Post office. Actually, it is mine! hehe ---- from giRly92

The post office sex toys

Basket! Yesterday I just bought Lelo and wevibe at sex shop in Bukit Timah. Kena con lor. You sell way cheaper. I should have known. Anywae Thanks for the speedy delivery hor! Ohmibod arrive already ----Indoboy932

The post office sex toys

Mbak Jessica, barangnya saya udah terima sama si resepsionis hotel. Terima kasih ya! Kapan2 saya beli lagi untuk oleh oleh ke temen2.  Harganya murah ini, mereka pasti pikir harganya ratusan dolar heehee.---- Indonesian Tourist, initial K.

The post office sex toys

Thank you for recommending me the Penis pump and the Nomi Tang Prolong lotion. Now I am a SEX GOD! WAHAHA. You should try me, Jessica! ----Kantanker79

The post office sex toys

Shiok! I dah dapat barang you. Transfer Maybank dah terima kan? Husband I sekarang boleh berdiri lebih lama. Dulu kalau dia hanya 2 minute, sekarang dia bolehlah 15 minute. I pun orgasm la hahahaha -----Malaysian housewife, initial N

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Wah heng you send to post office sia! If my father receive the package from the mr. postman har...he sure open one. Then i die lor. Lucky I can ask you send to Bedok post office sia. ---Blather90

value post office at sex toy

Great value, what a steal! --- from unknown

Singapore online sex toys shop, free delivery, discreetly

Thank you for the speedy delivery and reasonable price. It was just in time for our friend's sweet sixteen's birthday. Your price is really good and hope it stays that way. ---- from RJgoon

sex toys online cheap in singapore

My wife just had orgasm for the first time! Your Shiny Rabbit and Magic Wand are significant wonders. Keep up the good work and thank you for adding spice into our marriage. ---- from unknown

sex toys bargain in Singapore at discreetly

I like the unique products that I could not find in any of the sex shops in Singapore. Or if I can find them elsewhere, yours is cheapest and I like the discreet shipping options you offer. Well done! --- Ausho69

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This is the best sex toys shop in Singapore thus far. --- from slutTiCiti

Yahoo testimonial on our sex toy

Normally I very paiseh when I go sex shop especially around those cheekopeks and perverts. Then other online sex shops always have hidden charges one. Discreetly is the best online sex shop in Singapore. Thank you ar! ---- from Beng33

Yahoo testimonial

Wah your Fairy Magic Wand ah. Shiok! Now the girls I bring home don't go for one night stand anymore...They are addicted to me! Just had my first threesome last week and last night, my first foursome. hahaha! ---Johorboleh!

best sex shop singapore

I dare say that you offer the lowest prices in Singapore. And thank you for your thoughtful recommendation, Jessica. The We-vibe and the Ohmibod really awakens our romance and revives our struggling marriage. My husband sends his warmest regards to you. --- from Natalie of Australlia

best sex shop singapore

Thank you for the excellent service rendered. Extremely satisfied with the toys as well! 
I'll let u know when I do up a review on it! ;) 
Have a great weekend Jessica!  ---J from Singapore

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Top: Singpost and Taqbin receipts from past orders. We will ALWAYS deliver
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