Why Buy From Us?

4 simple reasons: Price, Quality, Reputation and Trust



We operate online only. No physical brick and mortar shop.

Having a physical shop means renting min. $3000/month, along with electricity and additional labor costs. We pass these savings to you so our prices are cheapest.

Customers might find prices at sex shops along Orchard Road to be significantly higher than ours. Their prices are high to support the rent.


We are even cheaper in Durex condoms than NTUC or Cold Storage or 7-eleven stores!



We sampled each and every new product line before putting it up on our website.

We import direct from reputable manufacturers from USA, Japan, Germany, Sweden and Netherlands.

Customers can rest easy knowing that they buy quality sex toys



We are trusted by Google to appear on its 1st page.

We DO NOT pay Google AdSense

We DO NOT pay SEO wizards.
We DO NOT participate in any incentive program to get ourselves first page on Google. 


There are other sex shops who claimed to pay Google to get that unfair advantage, at a price of $10,000/month. In the end, their customers pay in the form of higher prices.


We do not know why and how they rank websites, but it is sure that from our excellent customers' testimonials, we are trustworthy and we deliver.


We must maintain our reputation because reputation is harder to build than just earning a few hundred dollars.
It is this TRUST that we value with our customers.

Every prepayment orders are delivered.

We take customers' feedback seriously and will always improve

We are 1st page on Google

$10,000/month to Google? At the expense of consumers?

This is a screenshot from our competitor's Google review page

Also see the dirty trick how they discredit one another 

Dirty Games Sex Shops Play to gain unfair advantage

This is another screenshot. Shop owner uses anonymous Google account to discredit competitor with 1 star and promote his/her own with 5 stars

Our Location
We are strictly online only and so we are not under pressure to chase Singapore commercial rent (min. $3000/month)
We pass this savings to you:) 

We are the cheapest, and we prove it!

Feel free to email me: DiscreetlyShop@yahoo.com

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We accept Paypal, master card, visa, paypal and cash for your purchase of sex toys singapore

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Top: Singpost and Taqbin receipts from past orders. We will ALWAYS deliver
Top: Singpost and Taqbin receipts from past orders. We will ALWAYS deliver
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All packages are wrapped discreetly in brown envelopes or the standard Taqbin packages. No mention of "sex" or "adult" is stated