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Why Paypal Block my payment?


Case 1: Australian wife wants to buy sex toys for her husband residing in the US. Uses an Australian bank credit card to purchase


Case 2: French guy just relocate to Singapore for 1 week, and uses his French Paypal account to pay for the items purchased in our site.


Reason: Paypal blocks their payments and purchases.

Paypal has a safety feature to block purchases that are geographically far apart.

This is to prevent credit card fraud and hijacking.

Very smart and useful feature but it blocks the purchase:(



On our Address field, please use the same country address as your credit card or your Paypal account.


You can then fill in the "Order Comment" the intended address and country to where the package you want to have it delivered to.


In Case 1: The Australian wife should fill in her Australian Credit card address. 

In Case 2: The French guy should fill in his French Paypal address

Later on she could fill in the USA address in the Order Comment field

and he could fill in the intended delivery address and delivery option.

Illustration of Case 1

Australian Wife should have written her own name, and her own address line 1, City, and Country. Here she fills her Husband's USA address. This will be copied into the Paypal address field later on below.

Here is what she should have done:

Fill in her own Australian Address... Then type the USA address in the Order comments field like below:

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Top: Singpost and Taqbin receipts from past orders. We will ALWAYS deliver
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